Chuck Stoltz' Berg Bar

I copied this from Hans Berg. His is slightly different - made out of two pieces of aluminum riveted together with a bend in it. Hans couldn't remember why he built his with the bend in it, and my straight version works just as well. Its made from a length of 1 1/2 X 1/4 inch aluminum bar, a drawer pull, a piece of stick on felt (on the wing spar side) and some nylon spacers on an axle bolt. All available from your local hardware or craft store.

I bent a piece of stainless steel shim stock around the fuselage tube that the bar hooks on in order to protect the tube and paint from any abrasion.

I chose the 1/4" thickness for the bar so that there would be plenty of contact area between the hook and the fuselage tube, and adequate thickness to thread the nylon covered axle bolt. The bar is far stronger than it needs to be, and begs to have some asthecially pleasing holes drilled into it to make it look airplane-y. Nice to do, but not high on my priority list. Since the nylon spacers seem to be available locally in inch dimensions, I had to sand the assembled axle bolt / spacer stack down to fit the 25mm dimension of the main pin hole in the spar.

Chuck Stoltz - 5/25/08

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